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Inaugural Intergenerational Programme

On the 13th of February 2019, the children and youths from our drop-in programme, U_SPACE @ KGA, burst into the lives of the seniors from our Seniors drop-in programme with our very first Intergenerational Programme! With the aim of bridging the gap between these two generations, we organised activities that brings out the vivaciousness of the children and youths and the wisdom and maturity of the seniors. In our first session, our seniors and youths teamed up to play bingo together. In our second session in March, our seniors taught our youths the art of “Popiah” making! By actively empowering our beneficiaries from both generations to serve each other, we hope to break down the walls between them and build a “Kampung” that loves and serves one another across generations.

Everyone needs someone. When the kampong spirit is in evidence, nobody needs to feel alone or abandoned.
This warm feeling of being cared for makes life meaningful and brings happiness.
And being happy, one possesses a stronger foundation, better able to take the knocks of life more easily.
~ Josephine Chia