U_SPACE Drop-in

U_SPACE @ KGA, located at the void deck of Block 806 King George’s Avenue, is an after-school drop-in centre for the children and youths of Jalan Besar.

More than just a cosy hangout spot, U_SPACE hosts a number of volunteer mentors who will engage and train beneficiaries in a broad spectrum of activities such as education, sports, the arts, and even guitar lessons. These activities serve to improve self-confidence, promote meaningful friendships, and bring about positive changes in their lives.

For referrals and inquiries on U_SPACE, please email Office@hopecentre.org.sg or call 6909 5422 during office hours.

Seniors Drop-In @ King George’s Avenue

Our Seniors Centre, located at Blk 806 King George’s Avenue, aims to hinder the trend of senior isolation in Singapore by reaching out to the seniors living in King George’s Avenue. Our seniors drop-in programme provides a platform for these seniors to socialise with other seniors in the area to form closer relationships with their neighbours. There will be programmes such as arts and crafts, exercise sessions, and talks on topics such as health, well-being, finance and safety. Through these initiatives, we hope to encourage healthy living and interaction with others in the community.

Seniors Home Visit

Home Visits serve as an alternative to senior beneficiaries who are unable to join us at the Centre due to mobility or health issues. During each weekly home visit session, we engage the seniors through conversations to gain a greater awareness and deeper understanding on their respective struggles and needs.

Intergenerational Programme

Old School, New Friends.

With Singapore’s growing ageing population, we see the need to bridge the generational gap between the young and the old. Both have much to offer to the other – the seniors’ wealth of knowledge and experience makes them exceptional mentors to the youths, while the vivaciousness of the technologically skilled children and youths will impart something to our seniors as well.

Bi-monthly, we hold our Seniors drop-in and U_SPACE @ KGA drop-in programmes in a single location, encouraging the young and old to mingle, share their stories and energies, and serve one another!

Project Sparkle

“Project Sparkle” is our annual initiative to bless the residents of our community by helping them clean up their rental flats. Together with our volunteers of all ages, we reach out to residents in the different regions of Singapore. In 2018, we expanded our reach to rental units in the East and West Region of Singapore! We hope that with our warm hearts and willing hands, we will bring both “sparkle” into their lives through a clean house and the warmth of love into their hearts.

For more inquiries, please email office@hopecentre.org.sg.

Bless X Love

Bless X Love is a ground-up initiative by Hope Centre (Singapore) and Hope Church Singapore. We hope to reach out to the vulnerable and disadvantaged families in this time of crisis. We will be distributing essential food items to the residents living in rental flats in Commonwealth, Tampines and Queenstown estates. We will also befriend the residents and extend help by referring them to the relevant services if they require.

Through this initiative, we also aim to empower students to serve the community. We hope to provide students with meaningful volunteering opportunities that may promote the spirit of volunteerism and inspire young people to make a positive difference in others’ lives.

For more inquiries, please email office@hopecentre.org.sg.

Bread with Love

Bread with Love is a ground up initiative by a group of volunteers since March 2014. The distribution of bread is a key to open doors and to kick-start friendships with the residents. Through that, our befrienders provide social and psycho-emotional support to the residents. At the same time, our befrienders will observe their living environment and engage in deeper conversation so as to provide timely assistance.

Bread with Love happens monthly at various location in Singapore.

For referrals and inquiries on U_SPACE, please email Office@hopecentre.org.sg or call 6909 5422 during office hours.
To volunteer, please visit our volunteer webpage for more details.