Our community engagement efforts seek to go upstream to proactively and positively shape the environment and to meet the needs of residents in the community. We hope to bring together community partners, donors, and volunteers from different parts of Singapore so that we can work hand in hand towards improving the communities’ social welfare.

Project Sparkle

Project Sparkle is our annual initiative to bless the residents of our community by helping them clean up their rental flats. Together with our volunteers of all ages, we reach out to residents in the different regions of Singapore. We hope that with our warm hearts and willing hands, we will bring both “sparkle” into their lives through a clean house and the warmth of love into their heart.

Project Sparkle 2019
Project Sparkle 2018
Project Sparkle 2017

Bless X Love

Bless X Love is a ground-up initiative by Hope Centre (Singapore) and Hope Church Singapore. We hope to reach out to the vulnerable and disadvantaged families in this time of crisis. We will be distributing essential food items to the residents living in rental flats in Commonwealth, Tampines and Queenstown estates. We will also befriend the residents and extend help by referring them to the relevant services if they require.
Through this initiative, we also aim to empower students to serve the community. We hope to provide students with meaningful volunteering opportunities that may promote the spirit of volunteerism and inspire young people to make a positive difference in others’ lives.

Bread with Love

Bread with Love is a ground up initiative by a group of volunteers since March 2014. The distribution of bread is a key to open doors and to kick-start friendships with the residents. Through that, our befrienders provide social and psycho-emotional support to the residents. At the same time, our befrienders will observe their living environment and engage in deeper conversation so as to provide timely assistance.

Bread with Love happens monthly at various location in Singapore.

For referrals and inquiries on U_SPACE, please email Office@hopecentre.org.sg or call 6909 5422 during office hours.
To volunteer, please visit our volunteer webpage for more details.