Old School, New Friends.

With Singapore’s growing ageing population, we see the need to bridge the generational gap between the young and the old. Both have much to offer to the other – the seniors’ wealth of knowledge and experience makes them exceptional mentors to the youths, while the vivaciousness of the technologically skilled children and youths will impart something to our seniors as well.

Quarterly, we hold our Seniors drop-in and U_SPACE @ KGA drop-in programmes in a single location, encouraging the young and old to mingle, share their stories and energies, and serve one another!

Here’s what some of our beneficiaries have to say about our intergenerational program!

Arfan: “I enjoyed the games, especially the matching game. I got a chance to help the seniors and the seniors also participated in helping me and another volunteer, Uncle Frankie.  I enjoyed helping them and interacting with them. I still remember their names.”

Fatin: “My favourite part is when I got a chance to interact with the seniors, because it just reminds me of the time spent with my grandfather when I was younger.”

Mdm Huang: “I enjoyed Arfan’s presence.”

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