Our Existing Programmes

Seniors Drop-In

We aim to hinder the trend of senior isolation in Singapore by reaching out to the seniors living in King George’s Avenue. Our seniors drop-in programme provides a platform for these seniors to socialise with other seniors in the area to form closer relationships with their neighbours.

We initiate and implement programmes such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Exercise sessions
  • Engaging external vendors to share more about topics such as health, well-being, finance and safety
  • Games such as Mahjong and Rummy-O
  • Festival Celebration

Through these activities during our weekly drop-in programme and events, we hope to provide friendship to the seniors, encourage healthy living and social interaction with others to enrich their lives!

Seniors Home Visit

Home Visits serve as an alternative to senior beneficiaries who are unable to join us at the Centre due to mobility or health issues. During each weekly home visit session, we engage the seniors through conversations to gain a greater awareness and deeper understanding of their respective struggles and needs. 

During the pandemic season, we have ramped up our home visits and extended them to some of our senior beneficiaries who are high-risk and/or with high needs, in compliance with safety advisory. We strive to offer a listening ear and provide assistance for vulnerable seniors to continue living well at home.

To keep our seniors engaged, we have been preparing monthly Seniors’ Home Kit filled with activities and important Covid-19 information. Our seniors look forward to the monthly Home Kit and enjoy the various activities to keep their fingers nimble and their minds alert.

Meet Our Volunteers

We appreciate all of our Seniors’ Befriender love and dedication towards befriending and impacting the seniors’ lives. Without their support, we won’t be able to make a difference in our seniors’ lives. They have bought joy, hope, and light to our seniors’ world. As we continue to reach out to the seniors, we will be a beacon of light to enrich their lives.

Hear from some of our Seniors’ Befriender’s volunteering testimonies below.

Been volunteering with Hope Centre for about 8 years. It has been a rewarding experience thus far, experiencing the joy of giving and receiving love through acts of kindness, generosity, charity and justice. Volunteering helps me to humble myself, practice empathy, and patiently building trust with the senior.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with Hope Centre and I hope to continue serving faithfully.

I find it fulfilling to journey with the seniors. Every senior is a gem to be with, authentic and very accepting. My volunteering work spent at the centre is rewarding as nothing beats the joy of being a companion who brings smiles and joy to the wonderful group of fun-loving people.

Getting to know the seniors and slowly becoming a part of their lives has been the greatest reward of my volunteering experience with them. They are always so warm towards us and sometimes I wonder if it’s more of me sparking joy in their life or vice versa. It would be lovely for the seniors to see and interact with even more new faces next year. 

I’m very thankful to Hope Centre (Singapore) for giving me the opportunity to serve the seniors in this neighbourhood. Giving back to society is a joy, and to be able to give your time to bring smiles to our seniors is a blessing. Every little act of giving makes a world of difference, and it gives me so much joy to see the smiles on our seniors’ faces. 

Keen to be part of our Senior’s Befrienders team? Volunteer with us to impact lives today!