Hope Centre (Singapore) has a whistleblowing policy.

The scope of the whistleblowing policy covers the following:
• Failure to comply with legal obligations.
• Threats to health or safety of employees and/or the public.
• Fraud (e.g. theft, corruption, misrepresentation, bribery, kickback or embezzlement).
• Abuse of power.
• A deliberate attempt to cover up any of the above.

To assure whistle-blowers of confidentiality:
1) Not more than two whistle-blowing officers shall administer the email address,
2) Independent, non-executive Board members who are not involved in financial transactions may administer the email address, and
3) Staff shall not administer the whistle-blowing reporting channels.

Hope Centre (Singapore) assures whistle-blowers of confidentiality except when law enforcement is involved.

Whistleblowers are encouraged to provide their contact information in case more information is needed.

Whistleblowers can report via email to whistleblow@hopecentre.org.sg or via the form below.

This form is used strictly for reporting of whistleblowing cases relating to illegal, unethical, fraudulent or corruption activities occurring within Hope Centre (Singapore) or relating directly to any Hope Centre (Singapore)’s personnel. All other feedback or enquiries not relating to the purpose above should be submitted to https://hopecentre.org.sg/contact-us.

    1. What happened?
    Full description of the incident.

    2. When did it happen?
    Please specify date, time and other useful details.

    3. Where did it happen?
    Please specify where the wrongdoing took place.

    4. Who are the relevant persons and/or entities involved?
    Please specify names and details of people or companies that are involved, suspected or have become aware of alleged wrongdoing.

    5. How does this incident relate to or affect Hope Centre (Singapore)?
    Please establish the link between such allegations and how that will affect Hope Centre (Singapore).

    6. Attachment(s) (optional)
    Please consider using email correspondence (whistleblow@hopecentre.org.sg) if you have attachments larger than 10 mb.

    You can remain anonymous, but you are urged to identify yourself so that we can contact you for additional information necessary for appropriate review of your disclosure.

    Hope Centre (Singapore) assures whistle-blowers of confidentiality except when law enforcement is involved.