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National Day Celebration with AXA Singapore

On the eve of National Day, a team of volunteers from AXA Singapore lined up a series of creative and engaging activities for our children to celebrate our Nation’s birthday! 

Our children had their communication skills tested through a few rounds of Pictionary Relay, Singapore Edition. They were tasked to relay the different iconic landmarks of Singapore to their friends only through their drawings. Laughter quickly filled the room when they started to interpret their friend’s drawing and attempt on drawing it on their own! Then, it was time for some fresh air outside. They had a great time chasing each other around as they played Tag and Run! Wrapping things up, our children got their hands dirty making slime, using a concoction of body lotion, detergent and contact lens solution. They even had a mini slime stretching competition! Overall, we had such an amazing time of celebration with the team! 

Thank you AXA Singapore for celebrating our Nation’s Birthday together with us!